Terms & Conditions

2013-03-09 16.51.54RiberAmerica, S.C. (hereinafter called “RA”) whose registered office is at Calle Herrerías 29, 3º, 31500 Tudela, Navarra, Spain organizes overseas student travel and study as an individual entity and does not work with any overseas bodies to supply such bodies with students for and act as agent for these overseas bodies.  RA acts as an individual agent and effects all bookings and reservations for students unless notified to the contrary, and it may, at its discretion, intercede, without charge on behalf of students who become in dispute with any persons or bodies in connection with any matters arising provided however that RA shall not thereby be liable or become liable in any way in connection with any such matter nor does it vouch for the content or accuracy of any brochures or publicity documents prepared for students by any such persons or bodies outside RA and it is accepted that students’ possible remedies shall be against such overseas bodies only. “The student” means a person or persons who have signed the application form for our Spanish immersion language course (or if under age a parent or person in loco parentis of such person or persons). Where a booking is made for more than one student the body or organization making the booking will be regarded as the student for the purpose of this agreement. In consideration of the price agreed as payment for its courses and accommodation as set out on the Registration Form the following terms and conditions shall apply as between the parties:


RA accepts no responsibility whatsoever for cases of force majeure (according to law) or for students’ actions. On formalizing enrolment in a course (and accommodation) over the internet, by fax, online booking or in writing, students must accept the General and Payment Conditions, as well as the norms, rules and guarantees of RA that they have previously been given and read. No signatures are necessary for the agreement. Any payments confirm the acceptance of the agreement with all these conditions. The contracts are personal and nontransferable.

Article 1 – Agreement

1. The specific written approval of RA is required for any variation to this agreement.

2. The Law of Spain shall apply to this agreement.

Article 2 – Payment Conditions

3. An advance payment of $900 is to be sent to RA with a completed registration form for each student enrolling by March 31.

4. A second installment ($1850) must be received at the office of RA no later than April 30. In the event of default of payment by that time RA shall be entitled to rescind this agreement under which circumstances the amount already paid is accepted by the student as being nonrefundable. RA reserves the right to sue for the balance payable or the whole booking.

4.2. The third and final installment ($2500) must be received at the office of RA no later than May 20.

5. If student has chosen the International Basketball Camp option, an additional fee of $850 is required by April 30.

6. According to availability, RA reserves the right to accept a booking after the second installment, April 30.  However, in such case, the booking made after that date (April 30), the entire costs of the course and accommodation shall be paid at the time of registration and the total amount due for the course and accommodation must be received by RA in time for funds to have been cleared before departure in which case payment may be needed by bank transfer or such other suitable means to achieve this at the expense of the student.

7. In the case of extreme currency fluctuations prices may be subject to change.

8. All bank charges will be your responsibility. In cases where the bank charges us a commission for receipt of your payment we reserve the 
right to charge you this sum on arrival.

9. These prices are valid until May 20 2015 for the summer course from June to July in the year 2015.

10. This price list over rules all previous information about prices and dates.

11. RA is not responsible for printing errors that may appear or for 
errors in publications by third parties about RA.

Article 3 – Insurance

1. Civil Liability: RA has an accident and civil liability insurance policy that   covers possible incidents or minor accidents that may occur within its center. RA is not responsible for the loss or theft of students’ personal property for which we offer an insurance policy covered by the course’s cost or recommend you take out your own extended insurance policy.

12.Medical: The insurance provided by RA covers medical insurance up to 6000€ in addition to the student medical insurance included in the price of the trip which covers 6000€.

Article 4 – Travel Documents

1. Relevant travel documents will be arranged between a Travel Agent designated by RA and the student.

2. Students themselves must arrange prior to departure all necessary travel documents in connection with travel abroad i.e. valid passport.

3. Any costs, damages or other charges arising from cancellation or curtailment due to a student’s failure to comply with the above shall be the sole responsibility of the student.

Article 5 – Accommodation

1. The student will be charged for the replacement of broken items due to either negligence or by intention.

2. The student has the right to request an accommodation change.

Article 6 – Admission or Expulsion

1. RA reserves the right to cancel the student’s place if on the day of their departure to Spain they have not paid the total sum of the course or other services contracted.

2. In the case of a serious disciplinary offence, repeated bad behavior or infringement of the laws of Spain, the student will be expelled from the school and accommodation without the right to any refund.

3. In the case where damages are caused to third parties, all the expenses claimed from RA that originate from the above-mentioned incident will be charged to the student, who will have no right to later claims.

Article 7 – Course Cancellations and Refunds

1. Cancellations before arrival will only be accepted up to and including the last working day of May and must be in writing (letter, telegram, e-mail or fax). Written evidence of the cancellation is required and therefore cancellations made by telephone will not be deemed valid.

2. For cancellation before the departure date to Spain there will be a loss of the deposit.

3.  For cancellations prior to the last 4 weeks before departure to Spain an administration fee of $500 will not be refunded.

4. For cancellations in the last four weeks before departure to Spain, we will charge the whole program price unless cancellation is due to serious illness or death in the immediate family.

5. In no case whatsoever will money for the course or accommodation be refunded once the course has started.

6. In the event that a credit note is granted due to exceptional circumstances, the credit will only be valid for up to 12 months (from the date the credit note is granted). Once this period of 12 months ends, the student loses the right to the credit. Credit is nontransferable to another student.

7. For all reimbursements we will charge an administrative fee of $500 to cover the administrative costs of returning your money.

8. Refunds must be requested during the 30 days following the completion of the course or cancellation. Once this period is complete, the student no longer has the right to request any refunds.

Article 8 – Refunds

1. Refer back to article 7 (cancellations).

2. Following the request or after the examination of all documents in the case of the cancellation guarantee by bank transfer, a refund will be given within 30 days.

3. Refunds can only be made and money can only be transferred to the student who booked the course or to the account from where the payment has been made. Refunds will never be made out to anyone other than the student or the tutor who paid for the reservation.

4. For all refunds we will charge an administrative fee of $500. Refunds of small amounts (less than $100) will be paid by Spanish check at no extra cost whilst the student is still in Spain otherwise the refund will be made by bank transfer and will carry transfer fee of $35.

Article 15 – Customer Service

1. Notwithstanding the provisions of this agreement excluding any legal obligation or liability on its part, RA will, in the event of a complaint by a student against an overseas body in connection with the course or associated accommodation, endeavor to use its best means to rectify the situation of the student involved, provided that such a complaint is notified to the appropriate body abroad (directly to RA management) as soon as is reasonably possible, and that the student has exhausted all other feasible solutions in the overseas country involved.

2. Any complaints need to be given in writing and within the first 24 hours. Otherwise students will lose the right to any compensation, refund or changes. RA will accept any suggestions after departure date or requests only on a information level and to improve our services.

Article 16 – Copyright

1. The management of RA reserves the right to use all possible photos taken during the student’s stay unless the student declares otherwise on his or her arrival at the school.

Protection of Personal Data

In compliance with Spanish Law 15/1999, December 13, regarding the protection of personal data, RA would like to inform you that your personal details within these general conditions will be stored in a database (whose liability and responsibility is Riberamerica, S.C.), solely for the commercial and operative purposes of the company. By accepting these general conditions you give your consent to the above said treatment and for their use for the aforementioned purposes. At the same time, you have the right to request that we inform you of your rights to access, correct and cancel such information within the established terms of the prevailing legislation, by writing to the address: Calle Herrerías 29, 3º, 31500 Tudela, Navarra, Spain.

Riberamerica, S.C. is a private company owned by Luis Miguel Jiménez Diaz and Christen Paige Bailey.  Head office: Riberamerica, S.C., Calle Herrerías 29, 3º, 31500 Tudela, Navarra, Spain. Tax Identification Code (CIF) J-71206403. Riberamerica S.C. is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Tudela.